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Edward Matthews’ Racist Outburst He’ll Never Forget (video)

That time the town of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, is currently the epicenter of a major protest following a viral video depicting a resident’s racist outburst.

Edward Matthews' Racist Outburst: Community Takes Action

The video, which surfaced on July 2nd, shows Edward Matthews, a 45-year-old local, verbally assaulting his neighbors with racial slurs and threats. The incident has sparked outrage and drawn a large crowd to his residence, demanding justice and an end to his harassment.

The Incident

On July 2nd, Edward Matthews was recorded in a heated confrontation with his neighbors. In the video, Matthews can be seen and heard screaming racist slurs and making threats.

His behavior, which has reportedly been ongoing for years, has led to charges of harassment and bias intimidation. The video also shows Matthews giving out his home address and encouraging people to come to his house, which prompted a significant public response.

Community Response

The response from the community has been swift and overwhelming. Protesters began gathering outside Matthews’ home shortly after the video went viral.

As reported by “Action News” reporter George Solis, the number of protesters has been increasing steadily, with many prepared to stay for the long haul. The protest has remained largely peaceful, though there have been moments of tension.

Historical Context

This incident is not isolated; it follows a history of complaints against Matthews. Neighbors and community members, including Jessica and her mother, have come forward to share their experiences of harassment by Matthews.

Jessica mentioned that they had tried to get justice in the past, but their efforts were unsuccessful. The recent outburst captured on video has reignited the call for accountability and justice.

Police Involvement

The Mount Laurel police have charged Matthews with harassment and bias intimidation. It remains unclear whether he is under investigation for previous allegations. The police have stated that they do not condone Matthews’ behavior as seen in the video and are continuing to monitor the situation closely.

Community Solidarity

The protest has seen a diverse turnout, with people of various backgrounds coming together to denounce racism and support the victims. The community’s unity in the face of such a disturbing event highlights their collective commitment to ensuring safety and respect for all residents.

Impact of Social Media

The power of social media has been a significant factor in this case. The rapid spread of the video on platforms like YouTube and Twitter helped to galvanize public opinion and action.

This incident underscores the role of social media in modern activism and its ability to bring issues to the forefront quickly.

Official Statements

Authorities have released statements condemning the behavior displayed in the video. The local police department has assured the community that they are taking the necessary steps to address the situation and prevent further incidents of this nature.

Current Situation

As of now, the protests continue, with community members calling for stronger action against Matthews and greater protections for those affected by his behavior.

The situation remains dynamic, with ongoing updates expected as investigations proceed and community actions unfold.


The events in Mount Laurel serve as a stark reminder of the prevalence of racism and the importance of community action in combating it.

The solidarity shown by the protesters and the swift response to the viral video demonstrate the power of collective action in seeking justice and promoting inclusivity.


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