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Black Dog Walker’s House Burned By Racists in San Francisco (video)

On Fillmore Street in San Francisco, a three-story building caught fire, resulting in the hospitalization of two individuals.

Racist Attacks and Fire: The Tragic Plight of Terri Williams' Family

The victims, parents of Terri Williams, were rescued by the fire crews who arrived promptly at the scene. Williams, a well-known dog walker in the neighborhood, is deeply affected by the incident.

Racist Mail and Threats

For several months, Terri Williams has been receiving disturbing packages containing offensive items. These packages included black dolls with nooses around their necks and racist messages.

The offensive nature of these items forced news outlets to blur them out in broadcasts. The series of racist mailings has been a source of distress for Williams and his family, who are now also facing the loss of their home due to the fire.

Community Support and Rally

The local community has rallied in support of Williams. Neighbors organized a weekend rally to show solidarity against the racism he has been subjected to.

The rally aimed to raise awareness and provide emotional support to Williams and his family amidst the ongoing investigations.

Fire Incident Details

The fire started while Williams was at City Hall, where the Board of Supervisors was discussing a resolution denouncing the racist mail he had received. Fire crews acted quickly to rescue Williams’ three Rottweiler dogs, relocating them to a nearby garage to ensure their safety.

Investigation and Suspicions

San Francisco fire investigators are actively looking into the cause of the blaze. They are aware of the history of racist threats associated with the address. The San Francisco Police Department has been investigating the racist mail, but no arrests have been made to date.

The fire department is incorporating the context of the ongoing criminal investigation into their examination of the fire’s origin.

Official Statements

Supervisor Dean Preston, who represents the district where the incident occurred, expressed his shock and dismay. He highlighted the significance of the attack in a formerly Black neighborhood that has faced challenges over the years.

Preston underscored the resilience of the family who has managed to stay in the community despite adversities, only to be displaced by the recent fire.

Community Resilience

The incident has brought the neighborhood together, showcasing a united front against racism and violence.

Efforts to support the Williams family are ongoing as they navigate the aftermath of the fire and continue to deal with the traumatic experiences of racist threats.

Future Actions

Authorities are determined to find those responsible for the racist mail and the fire. The investigation continues with a focus on ensuring justice and safety for the Williams family and the wider community.

Local leaders and residents are calling for increased vigilance and proactive measures to prevent such hate-driven incidents in the future.


The devastating fire that destroyed Terri Williams’ home is a stark reminder of the persistent issues of racism and hate crimes.

The community’s response, coupled with ongoing investigations, highlights the need for continued support and vigilance. As the Williams family rebuilds their lives, the call for justice and unity remains strong.


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