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Employees Take Over REVOLT As New Owners, Diddy’s Interests Retired

REVOLT announced that its largest shareholder group will now be its current employees. This new ownership structure provides employees an equity stake in the company while maintaining its Black-owned and operated status.

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Employees Take Over REVOLT As New Owners, Diddy's Interests Retired 2

The allocation of equity participation will be rolled out over the next few months, ensuring a smooth and fair distribution process. This move aligns with REVOLT’s mission to change the narrative of Black culture globally, providing equity participation opportunities for current and future employees, many of whom come from historically disenfranchised groups.

CEO Detavio Samuels stated that this transformation allows employees to shift from being workers to owners of the business they help build. This change is part of REVOLT’s broader strategy to build wealth within the community and empower creators and entrepreneurs globally.

Shares held by the company’s former chair, Sean “Diddy” Combs, have been fully redeemed and retired.


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