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Kendall Jenner’s Shocking Discovery on Gerry Turner’s Phone (Video)


Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner recently opened up about what Kendall Jenner saw on his phone during a dinner arranged by Kris Jenner. Kendall, a huge fan of the Golden Bachelor, had an unexpected revelation that left fans curious.

The Dinner Setup

In the second episode of season 5 of the Kardashians on Hulu, fans were treated to a preview clip showing a Meetup between Kendall Jenner and Gerry Turner. The dinner, organized by Kris Jenner, brought the Golden Bachelor star into the Kardashian home for an evening filled with surprises.

Kendall’s Unexpected Discovery

During the dinner, Kendall and Kris took Gerry’s phone to call his daughter, Angie. It was at this moment that Kendall saw something surprising on Gerry’s phone. She saw the contact information of Teresa Nist, revealing that Teresa was the contestant Gerry would ultimately propose to in the season finale.

Gerry’s Reaction

Despite the unexpected discovery, Gerry was not upset. He explained in an interview with TMZ that he was more focused on the wonderful time they had during the dinner. He described the Kardashian family as inclusive, gracious, warm, friendly, and elegant. The evening ended with everyone watching an episode of the Golden Bachelor in the Kardashian family’s home theater.

Post-Wedding News

Although Gerry and Teresa tied the knot in a televised wedding in January, their marriage faced challenges. Just three months later, they announced their plans to divorce. In an interview with ABC News, Gerry and Teresa shared that after several heart-to-heart conversations, they mutually decided to dissolve their marriage. They emphasized their dedication to their families and concluded that living apart was best for their happiness.


Kendall Jenner’s accidental discovery on Gerry Turner’s phone provided an unexpected spoiler for the Golden Bachelor fans. Despite the eventual divorce, Gerry and Teresa’s journey continues to inspire hope and dedication among their supporters.


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