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EXPLAINED: Radio FactsTop 10 Best Black DJs for 2020

shutterstock 1540480613 » BEST
EXPLAINED: Radio FactsTop 10 Best Black DJs for 2020 2

We wanted to make sure we were clear on how we got the list for the Top 10 DJs for 2020. This list was conducted by us asking who the industry thought were the best jocks EVER and these were their answers FOR 2020. This is based on overall respect and ability for the craft and those that do or have done it BEST.

Best black jocks for 2020

We realize there are many great black jocks in the industry who are also great at the craft but these were the top picks for 2020

Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross is the CEO of Radio Facts. He is a music and radio industry vet who has been a programmer and a radio host in several markets like Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, and more. He started The Industry Dot Biz in 1995 as a voice for Black industry executives to have a voice in the industry. Ross is a musician, writer, voice talent, and author. The Industry Dot Biz is currently the largest urban industry trade and site.


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