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Motown Magic in Detroit: A Family Affair Moves West in 1972 (Picnic Video)

Motown Records wasn’t just a record label in Detroit; it was a family. Founded by Berry Gordy in 1959, Motown churned out hit after hit, launching the careers of Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, the Jackson 5, and countless others. The “Motor City” sound took the world by storm, forever changing the landscape of popular music.

This exclusive video takes you inside the legendary 1974 Motown Picnic, held just two years after the company relocated to Los Angeles. But before we head west, let’s rewind and celebrate Motown’s glorious years in Detroit.

The Gordy family was at the heart of Motown’s success. Berry, the visionary leader, brought his siblings into the fold. His sister Gwen Gordy, a constant presence, managed countless tasks, while his brother Robert Gordy oversaw publishing, ensuring the songwriters got their due. Even Berry’s mother played a role, meticulously signing expense checks. It was a true family operation, fueled by passion and a shared dream.

By the early 1970s, Motown had achieved phenomenal success. But the music industry was changing, and Berry Gordy saw new opportunities in Los Angeles. In 1972, with a mix of excitement and nostalgia, Motown moved its headquarters to the West Coast.

The 1974 picnic captured in this video is a bittersweet reunion. It’s a chance for the Motown family, both the artists and the employees who made the magic happen, to reconnect and celebrate their shared history in Detroit. Look out for Berry Gordy himself, alongside his sister Gwen and brother Robert, reminiscing about those golden years.

Join the party and see the iconic faces who made Motown a legend:

  • Diana Ross, the superstar, radiating her signature elegance.
  • Marvin Gaye, the soulful singer, bringing his fierce competitive spirit to the baseball game.
  • The Jackson 5, the electrifying group, with Marlon and Tito Jackson showing off their athleticism.

Look for the behind-the-scenes heroes of Motown too:

  • Nancy, who worked directly for Berry Gordy, keeping him organized and on track.
  • Abner, the Motown President at the time, leading the company through its growth.
  • Tom Noonan, the Director of Sales, ensuring Motown’s music reached a wide audience.
  • Don Foster, the manager who guided both The Supremes and The Temptations to superstardom.

Spot the Motown family members cheering from the sidelines:

  • Hazel Gordy, Berry Gordy’s daughter, enjoying the festivities alongside  Edna, Tito Jackson’s soon-to-be wife who also worked as Berry Gordy’s secretary, a testament to the tight-knit community.
  • Suzanne and Erica, two Motown employees, passionately cheering on their team.

This picnic is a testament to the enduring spirit of Motown, a family that continues to groove even after the move from Detroit to LA. Witness the camaraderie between superstars and secretaries, musicians and managers. This video is a chance to experience the heart and soul of Motown in a whole new way. Get ready to tap your feet and feel the Motown groove!


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