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Family Injured in Severe Turbulence on Flight (Video)

Incident Overview

An American family aboard a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore experienced severe turbulence, resulting in significant injuries to the parents.

Details of the Event

  • Flight Information: The incident occurred on a flight from London to Singapore.
  • Severe Turbulence: The plane encountered an extended stretch of dangerous turbulence, causing it to plunge more than a mile with almost no warning.
  • Duration and Impact: The turbulence lasted for more than two minutes, during which passengers were thrown up and down nine times.

Injuries Sustained

  • Parents Injured: Drew Kessler and his wife Vicki suffered severe injuries. Drew sustained a broken neck, and Vicki suffered a broken back. Both are in a lot of pain and are hospitalized in Bangkok.
  • Children Safe: Their two boys, who were also on board, were not hurt.

Investigation and Statistics

  • Ongoing Investigation: Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the turbulence.
  • Historical Data: From 2009 to 2022, there were 163 injuries from turbulence in the U.S. alone. Recent incidents include passengers hospitalized on a flight from Texas to Germany and eight people injured on a JetBlue flight from Ecuador to Florida.

Potential Causes

  • Climate Change Impact: Researchers suggest that the severity of turbulence incidents may be increasing due to climate change. More energy in the atmosphere leads to more storms and increased turbulence at cruising altitudes.

Most Turbulent Routes

  • Turbulent U.S. Routes: Recent data shows that the most turbulent routes in the U.S. have been on the eastern portion of the country. The Nashville to Raleigh-Durham route is identified as the most turbulent, followed by the Charlotte to Pittsburgh route.

Safety Advice

  • Seat Belt Reminder: Airports advise that it is always a smart idea to ensure your seat belt is buckled when on a plane to minimize the risk of injury during unexpected turbulence.


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