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Bold Burglars Smash Car into Atlanta Sneaker Shop (Video)

Violent Break-In

At the end of last year, a high-end sneaker and clothing store in East Point, Refresh Atlanta, experienced a violent break-in. Surveillance footage showed burglars using a car and a sledgehammer to break into the store. When the car failed to breach the entrance, they used the sledgehammer to gain access, stealing as many clothes as they could carry.

Resilience and Recovery

Despite the significant financial and emotional toll, Refresh Atlanta has reopened. The store, which specializes in buying, selling, and trading popular sneakers like Jordans and Yeezys, as well as its own clothing line, has fully restocked its merchandise.

Store Owners’ Response

Owners Baldwin Dawkins and Richard Brown emphasized the importance of staying disciplined, focused, and persistent. They shared their story to inspire others to not give up, highlighting the value of perseverance and community support.

Community Impact and Mentorship

Refresh Atlanta’s mission extends beyond retail. The store offers mentorship programs to help others become entrepreneurs, providing guidance on business credit, loans, and using financial resources effectively. They also offer internships for high school and middle school students, aiming to educate and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

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