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Father and Daughter Killed in South Fulton Car Sale (Video)

Incident Overview

A tragic double homicide occurred in South Fulton during a car sale. A father and daughter were shot and killed at the Freedom Park Apartments.

Victims Identified

The victims have been identified as Stanley Neely and his daughter, Heather Neely. The incident happened on Stanley’s birthday, adding to the family’s grief.

Dispute and Shooting

The incident began as a dispute over the car payment between Stanley Neely and an unidentified man. During the argument, the suspect opened fire, killing both Stanley and Heather at the scene.

Family Reaction

Nancy Gibson, Stanley’s sister, expressed her shock and grief over the phone call she received informing her of her brother and niece’s deaths.

Investigation and Suspect

Police have issued warrants for the suspect’s arrest but have not released his name. The suspect is still at large, and authorities are seeking any information that could lead to his capture.

Appeal for Information

The family and police urge anyone with information about the suspect to come forward and help bring justice to Stanley and Heather Neely.

Crime Scene Details

The crime scene showed several bullet holes and was marked with police tape. The investigation is ongoing as authorities continue to search for the suspect.

Community Impact

The brazen and senseless nature of the shooting in broad daylight has left the community in shock. The police are actively working to ensure the safety and justice of the victims’ families.


The double homicide of Stanley and Heather Neely has devastated their family and the South Fulton community. Authorities are calling for public assistance to apprehend the suspect and ensure justice for the victims.

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