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Former APD Officer Faces Murder Charges After Alleged Kidnapping Attempt (Video)


A former Atlanta police officer is facing severe charges after a Lyft driver was murdered under bizarre circumstances. This report details the events leading up to the officer’s arrest and his criminal history.

Murder Accusation

Former Atlanta Police Department officer Kobe Miner is accused of murdering 35-year-old Reggie Folks, a Lyft driver and professional wrestler. Miner allegedly shot Folks because he believed Folks was part of a gay fraternity trying to recruit and kidnap him. Friends of Folks refute these claims, describing him as a hardworking and genuinely good person.

Previous Arrest on Drug Charges

Before the murder charge, Miner was arrested on drug charges in December 2023. Milton police found him after responding to a single-vehicle crash. Miner appeared confused and unsteady, leading officers to search his vehicle, where they discovered 20 Xanax pills not in their original container. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and suspected of being impaired during the crash.


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