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Top 5 Most Disrespectful Defendants: Courtroom Drama Unfolds (video)

Spencer Allen Boston’s Protest

20-year-old Spencer Allen Boston was arraigned for citations received during a traffic stop for speeding and simple possession of marijuana. During the arraignment, Boston expressed his disagreement with marijuana laws. While the judge advised him to take his case to the legislature, Boston pulled out what appeared to be a joint and smoked it in the courtroom. He was immediately taken into custody, charged with disorderly conduct, and held in contempt of court, resulting in a 10-day jail sentence.

Donta Wright’s Sentencing

17-year-old Donta Wright faced sentencing for the murder of high school student Jordan Klee. Wright pled guilty to multiple charges, including armed robbery and second-degree murder. During the victim impact statement, Wright’s lack of remorse and inappropriate demeanor prompted the judge to consider rejecting the plea deal. However, after a discussion with the victim’s family, the judge accepted the agreement, sentencing Wright to 25 to 52 years in prison.

Alan McCarty’s Threats

Alan McCarty was arrested for making death threats against a judge, mistakenly believing she took his children away in a custody case. During his trial, McCarty’s disrespectful behavior continued as he insulted the judge and court officials. He was eventually found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison for making threats and five years for additional charges, totaling 20 years.

Michael Ray’s Contempt

Michael Ray, facing charges including criminal trespassing and second-degree assault, sarcastically reacted to a $25,000 bail suggestion, leading the judge to double it to $50,000. Ray’s further disrespectful behavior, including flipping off the judge, resulted in additional contempt charges and a total of 100 days in jail.

Amanda Casale’s Tragic Case

Amanda Casale was sentenced for driving under the influence, causing a collision that killed Jerome Zerker and severely injured Brittany Johnson. During sentencing, a victim impact statement from Zerker’s children was interrupted by laughter from Casale’s family. Judge Kiana Lillard held Casale’s mother in contempt, sentencing her to 93 days in jail, later reduced to one day after an apology. Casale received a sentence of three to fifteen years in prison and was paroled in 2020.


These cases highlight the severe consequences defendants can face for disrespectful behavior in court, ranging from increased jail time to additional charges. The importance of courtroom decorum is underscored by the judges’ firm actions to maintain order and respect.


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