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Former Border Agent’s $131K Drug Scheme Exposed! (video)

A former US Border Patrol agent, Hector Hernandez, has been sentenced to seven years and three months in prison after being convicted on drug distribution and bribery charges.

Former Border Agent's $131K Drug Scheme Exposed!

This case, which has shocked many, highlights the severe consequences of corruption within law enforcement.

The Betrayal and Sentencing

Hector Hernandez, 55, was sentenced at a federal courthouse with CBS Eight’s Brian White reporting on the proceedings.

Hernandez’s actions were described as a significant betrayal of public trust, reflecting his greed. He admitted to taking bribes to smuggle narcotics and people across the US-Mexico border while on duty.

Guilty Plea and Admission of Crimes

Nearly four months prior to his sentencing, Hernandez pleaded guilty to receiving bribes and attempting to distribute methamphetamine.

He confessed to using his position to open restricted border fences, allowing illegal entry into the United States in exchange for cash payments. Initially, he was paid $5,000 per opening but later accepted $20,000 to transport narcotics.

The Bribery and Drug Trafficking Scheme

Hernandez’s bribery and drug trafficking activities were detailed during the trial. He picked up a bag of methamphetamine from the US-Mexico border and transported it to his residence. After work, he delivered the drugs to an undercover agent, leading to his arrest.

A subsequent search of his Chula Vista home revealed 7.7 grams of cocaine and $131,000 in cash, with $110,000 confirmed as proceeds from his illegal activities.

Corruption and its Impact

In his plea agreement, Hernandez admitted to showing Mexico-based smugglers the best places to sneak people into the US and how to evade surveillance cameras. This level of corruption posed a significant challenge to law enforcement efforts, as noted by Tara McGrath, the US Attorney for the Southern District of California.

She emphasized that Hernandez’s actions do not reflect the integrity of the nearly 2,000 border patrol agents serving in the San Diego sector, who risk their lives daily to protect the border.

Law Enforcement Response

The response to Hernandez’s actions highlights the importance of maintaining integrity within law enforcement. Agents must be vigilant and surreptitious in their methodologies, especially when dealing with corrupt individuals within their ranks.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the potential for corruption and the need for stringent oversight and accountability.


Hector Hernandez’s conviction and sentencing underscore the severe repercussions of corruption within law enforcement. His actions not only betrayed public trust but also compromised the safety and security of the US-Mexico border.

The dedicated agents who serve with honor and integrity continue to uphold the values of their oath, despite the challenges posed by such betrayals.


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