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Graceland Scheduled for Foreclosure (video)

Graceland Scheduled for Foreclosure: Elvis’ Granddaughter Claims Fraud

Memphis, TN – The future of Graceland, Elvis Presley’s iconic home, is under threat as a public notice announces an upcoming foreclosure sale. However, Elvis’ granddaughter, Riley Keough, asserts that this is a fraudulent attempt to take over the estate.

A company named Nasani Investments published a notice in the Commercial Appeal earlier this month, claiming they will auction Graceland off at the Shelby County Courthouse this Thursday. Nasani Investments alleges that Lisa Marie Presley, Riley’s late mother, took out a $3.8 million loan in 2018 using Graceland as collateral.

In response, Riley Keough and her attorney have filed a 60-page legal complaint aiming to halt the sale. They argue that Lisa Marie never borrowed this money and that the documents purporting the loan are fraudulent. Keough’s attorney expressed disbelief at the audacity of attempting to move forward with such blatantly fraudulent documents.

A temporary restraining order has been issued to prevent the sale until a judge can review the case. The matter is set for a court hearing on Wednesday, where Keough’s legal team will present their case and respond to any claims made by the opposing side.

Graceland, a beloved landmark attracting around 600,000 visitors annually, remains a significant part of Elvis Presley’s legacy. Riley Keough has been the owner since her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, passed away in 2023.

As the legal battle unfolds, Elvis fans worldwide are anxiously awaiting the court’s decision, hoping that Graceland remains within the Presley family. Fox 13’s Jack Bilu reported live from Graceland, emphasizing that this legal drama is likely to be protracted.


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