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Homeowner Shoots Squatter in Southwest Oklahoma City (Video)

Incident Overview

Early Thursday morning in Southwest Oklahoma City, gunfire and sirens woke residents. Police quickly arrived at a property near 42nd and Insane Clear, following reports of a disturbance.

Property Owner Confronts Intruders

The homeowner received a call about intruders on his property. Upon arriving, he found a group of homeless individuals squatting inside the house. One of the squatters appeared to be armed with a pistol, which was later identified as a BB gun.

Confrontation and Shooting

The armed squatter pointed the BB gun at the homeowner. In response, the homeowner, who was also armed, shot and injured the squatter. Neighbors expressed frustration with the ongoing crime in the area.

Police Response and Investigation

Police confirmed that the squatter is expected to recover from the injury. It remains unclear whether any charges will be filed against the homeowner. The incident is still under investigation.


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