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Squatters Claim Illegal Eviction (Video)


A case of alleged illegal eviction was brought before Judge Judy, where two individuals claimed they were wrongfully evicted from a property they rented without a formal lease agreement.

Renting the Property

The two individuals, Mr. Carter and his partner, lived together in a property rented from Mr. Kimbrough. Mr. Carter resided there from May 2016 to May 2017, while his partner joined him in August 2016. They paid a monthly rent of $525 but had no formal lease agreement.

Dispute Over Security Deposit

A major point of contention was the security deposit. Mr. Carter claimed they paid Mr. Kimbrough $1,000 as a security deposit. However, Mr. Kimbrough denied receiving this amount, stating they were supposed to give him $125 but did not.

Temporary Relocation

Mr. Kimbrough informed the couple that the property required renovations and offered another property for them to stay in temporarily. The couple moved to this second property on May 1st but were evicted by the real owner of that property on May 11th, who came with the police and claimed they were squatting.

Financial Hardships

Following their eviction, the couple moved into a hotel and were unable to pay rent for May and June. They also failed to provide proof of the alleged $1,000 security deposit. The eviction caused Mr. Carter to lose his job, overdraw his bank account, and incur additional expenses.

Judge Judy’s Verdict

Judge Judy ruled that without a lease or proof of a security deposit, there was no basis for their claims. She denied their request for punitive damages, including compensation for job loss and financial inconvenience.

Counterclaim for Property Damage

Mr. Kimbrough filed a counterclaim, alleging the couple had damaged the property. However, he did not own the property nor had a power of attorney from the owner, thus his counterclaim was dismissed.


The case highlighted issues of informal rental agreements and the challenges of substantiating claims without proper documentation. Judge Judy dismissed both the plaintiffs’ and defendant’s claims, concluding the case.


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