Homeowners Left with Unfinished Homes by NC Builder (video)

Homeowners Left with Unfinished Homes by NC Builder

Background and Initial Developments

In Charlotte, North Carolina, multiple homeowners have been left with unfinished homes by builders associated with Blackman Custom Builders and Distinctive Homes in Development Group. These issues began as far back as December 2019, with building permits issued but construction remaining incomplete for years. Homeowners like Lisa Labelle found themselves paying for properties that saw little to no progress, even after significant financial investment.

Financial Transactions and Lack of Communication

Labelle wired Mario Condo $150,000 for land and construction, only to find the project stalled. Weeks passed without any updates or visible progress on her lot or others in the subdivision. Labelle’s investigation revealed a pattern of unfinished homes dating back to late 2019, all linked to Condo’s real estate and construction groups.

Builder Transitions and Contractor Issues

The initial general contractor listed on many permits was Jerome Blackmon of Blackman Custom Builders. However, in the last year, Condo transferred control to Distinctive Homes in Development Group, with Barbara Norman listed as the new general contractor. Despite these changes, the completion rate of homes remained dismally low, with only one of eleven projects completed.

Attempts to Address the Issues

Labelle and other affected homeowners reached out to various authorities, including the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, filing complaints and alleging fraud. Despite these efforts, progress was minimal, with the Attorney General’s Office closing its investigation due to lack of response from Condo.

Financial and Legal Complications

Homeowners like Labelle found themselves in significant financial distress, facing foreclosure on unfinished homes. She highlighted the lack of action from Reliant Credit Union and construction loan officers, who she believed should have identified the fraudulent activities earlier. Labelle filed multiple complaints with state and federal agencies, including the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office and the Consumer Protection Division, but received limited support.

Current Status and Ongoing Investigations

The situation has led to significant financial losses for many homeowners, with ongoing mortgage payments for homes that remain incomplete. Condo, who is not a licensed general contractor, and his business associates continue to face legal scrutiny. Barbara Norman, who partnered with Condo in 2022, has also faced legal challenges and complaints, leading her to surrender her general contractor’s license.

Impact on Homeowners and Community

The affected homeowners have collectively lost significant amounts of money and time. Many of them, like Labelle, are unable to move into their homes and face ongoing legal and financial battles. This situation has left a lasting impact on the community, with many properties remaining unfinished and homeowners struggling to recover their investments.


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