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Initial Investigation

In October 2023, deputies from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office were informed about a suspicious black BMW in Hound, Florida. This vehicle was suspected to be involved in recent vehicle thefts and burglaries in a nearby county. Deputies spotted the BMW driving recklessly on the highway after departing from a Walmart.

Aerial Surveillance

The Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit was deployed to maintain continuous visual contact with the vehicle. The occupants remained unaware they were being monitored from above. The unit observed the BMW making several lane changes and driving recklessly before pulling into another Walmart parking lot.

Observing the Suspects

Upon arrival at the Walmart, the aviation unit saw two passengers, later identified as 17-year-old Jamarcus Reed and 19-year-old Javaris Whitehead, being dropped off at the entrance. The suspects were observed at the self-checkout register, attempting to purchase gift cards using multiple credit cards, indicating potential fraud.

Coordinated Arrest

As deputies moved into position, Jamarcus left the store with a bag of newly purchased gift cards while Javaris continued using the credit cards. Meanwhile, the driver, 17-year-old Dana Williams, waited in the car. Deputies converged on the vehicle, but both Jamarcus and Javaris fled on foot at the sight of law enforcement.

Apprehending the Suspects

Despite their attempt to flee, Jamarcus and Javaris were quickly apprehended by deputies after a brief chase. Dana Williams, who remained in the car, was also taken into custody. Detectives inside the Walmart had already visually identified the suspects and confirmed their fraudulent activities.

Evidence Found

Upon searching the vehicle, deputies discovered numerous stolen items, including wallets, debit and credit cards, and $9,000 worth of Visa gift cards purchased fraudulently. The suspects were charged with multiple felony counts, including burglary, possession of stolen credit and debit cards, fraudulent use of credit cards, and criminal use of personal identification.

Legal Consequences

According to online records, Javaris Whitehead entered a plea of no contest and was sentenced to 67 days in jail with 2 years of community supervision. Due to their ages, there are no recent court records accessible for Dana Williams and Jamarcus Reed.


The swift and coordinated efforts of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, including the use of aerial surveillance, led to the successful apprehension of the suspects involved in the fraudulent activities. This case highlights the importance of law enforcement collaboration and advanced technology in tackling crime.


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