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High-Speed Chase Between Car Thieves and Police in Lytle (Video)

Crime Spree in Lytle

Early Thursday morning, the small community of Lytle, located 30 minutes south of San Antonio, experienced a crime spree involving multiple car break-ins. Lytle police reported that the suspects, initially on bicycles, broke into several vehicles before escalating their criminal activities.

Vehicle Theft and High-Speed Chase

The suspects abandoned their bicycles and stole two vehicles from the same house. They led officers on a high-speed chase, reaching speeds over 100 MPH. Dash cam video captured the moment officers picked up the trail of the stolen vehicles and pursued the suspects northbound.

Pursuit and Crash

During the chase, one of the stolen vehicles crashed into a parked truck and a telephone pole on the I-35 frontage road. Despite the crash, the suspects managed to flee the scene, with one of them seen running into nearby brush.

Additional Crimes

Police also connected the suspects to an earlier incident in the Lake Shore Estate subdivision, where they were seen breaking into cars and stealing a gun from another vehicle. Video footage shows one of the suspects rifling through cars in a garage, armed with the stolen gun.

Ongoing Investigation

Both stolen vehicles were recovered: the Dodge truck was totaled, and the suburban was found abandoned near downtown San Antonio. The suspects remain at large, facing multiple charges. Lytle police have released the dash cam footage, hoping the public can help identify and apprehend the culprits. Anyone with information is urged to contact Lytle police.


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