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IDF Takes Out Senior Hamas Leader; Northern Conflict Escalates (Video)

Secret Operation in Rafah

The IDF is conducting a secret operation in Rafah, Gaza Strip. Israeli soldiers discovered sites for launching long-range rockets near the Egypt border. The 162nd Division has located large quantities of weapons and ammunition.

Fires on Northern Border

Firefighting teams controlled massive fires caused by rockets fired toward Israel from Southern Lebanon. The fires resulted in significant economic damage, burning hundreds of acres of orchards.

IDF Targets in Southern Lebanon

The IDF is targeting Hezbollah leaders and rocket launching sites in Southern Lebanon. Recently, they discovered a rocket array near an Egyptian Army border post and demolished it.

Elimination of Hamas Commander in Nablus

In a significant operation, the IDF eliminated a senior Hamas commander in Nablus. Undercover agents infiltrated a party where the leader was attending, leading to a shootout and the elimination of the target.

Northern Border Offensive

IDF Chief of Staff Major General Herzi Halevi indicated the IDF is prepared for an offensive against Hezbollah. The IDF has developed a combat strategy resulting in the neutralization of dozens of Hezbollah terrorists.

Advanced Surveillance and Targeting

The IDF utilizes advanced drones and aerial observation to monitor and strike targets in Southern Lebanon. This has led to effective targeting and destruction of Hezbollah’s command structures.

Increased Rocket Fire

Hezbollah has increased rocket fire towards Israel. The IDF’s precise strikes are forcing Hezbollah to fire larger salvos, often less accurately and effectively.

Economic and Civilian Impact

The ongoing conflict has significant economic and civilian impacts. The agricultural damage from fires and the continued threat to civilian areas highlight the broader consequences of the conflict.

International Political Reactions

The US House of Representatives voted to approve sanctions on the International Criminal Court in response to arrest warrants against Israeli leaders. However, this measure is unlikely to advance in the Senate.


The IDF continues to conduct operations on multiple fronts, targeting terrorist leaders and infrastructure. Advanced technology and strategic planning are key to their current successes against Hamas and Hezbollah. The conflict remains complex, with significant impacts on both military and civilian areas.


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