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Innocent Man Remained in Prison AFTER Another Man Admits to the Quadruple Homicide (video)

Matthew Baker, who was accused of a quadruple homicide in 2016, has been acquitted. After facing nearly eight years in jail for a crime he maintained he did not commit, a jury in Henry County found him not guilty on all 30 counts.

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Innocent Man Remained in Prison AFTER Another Man Admits to the Quadruple Homicide (video) 3

Baker’s case has been a long and arduous journey for his family, especially his mother, Angie Lanier. Reflecting on the difficult path to his freedom, Lanier expressed immense relief and happiness following the verdict. She recalled the relentless fight to prove her son’s innocence against the accusations of murdering Destiny Olinger, Matthew Hicks, Keith Gibson, and Sophia Bullard.

Prosecutors had offered Baker a plea deal that would have kept him behind bars for decades, but Baker refused, insisting on his innocence. The breakthrough in the case came when Jacob Koski, one of the suspects, eventually confessed and cleared Baker of involvement. Despite this, Baker remained incarcerated until the jury’s recent decision.

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Baker’s ordeal included being on 23-hour lockdown, with only one hour outside his cell each day. Now, with his acquittal, he hopes to restart his life and spend time with his family. However, the family continues to face challenges, including receiving death threats, leading them to go into hiding for safety.

Angie Lanier expressed gratitude for the support they’ve received and emphasized that Baker prays for the victims’ families, despite the turmoil he and his family have endured.

This case underscores the complexities and emotional toll of the justice system, highlighting the profound impact on those involved, especially when justice is delayed.


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