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Chef Arrested for Running Fentanyl Drug Mill (video)

Staten Island Drug Bust Shocks Community with Arrest of Celebrated Chef

An early morning drug raid on Staten Island took a shocking turn today, landing 20 individuals in custody, including a well-known community figure once honored for his efforts in helping those battling addiction. The arrests were made during a series of coordinated raids by NYPD narcotics detectives, who were met with surprise by both the suspects and the community.

The focal point of the operation was Bay Street, where detectives entered a building known as Che Vous Caterers. Among those arrested was Torey Massey, the chef and owner of the establishment. Massey, who was previously celebrated for his contributions to the community and honored by the Chamber of Commerce in 2022, now stands accused of being the mastermind behind a major drug and pill mill operation.

Myles Miller of News 4 was on the scene and provided an exclusive report on the bust. According to law enforcement, Massey was given a $3 million cash bail or $1 million bond after appearing before a judge this afternoon. His arrest marks a significant blow to the local community, where he was considered a pillar and a figure of trust.

The investigation revealed that Massey had allegedly exploited vulnerable individuals suffering from addiction, getting them hooked on substances like cocaine, crack, and fentanyl. Sources indicate that he coerced these individuals into paying him with their food stamps and even provided housing for them, only to force them to sell drugs to cover their rent.

Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon highlighted the severity of the situation, noting that Massey’s actions had directly contributed to the area’s ongoing drug and overdose problems. The community, already plagued by these issues, had been unknowingly harboring one of its root causes in a man who outwardly appeared to be helping.

The arrests were the result of extensive community complaints and a thorough investigation by law enforcement, who linked the drug operation to at least three overdose deaths. Detectives pointed out the arrogance of Massey, who had evaded law enforcement for a significant time and believed he would never be apprehended.

As the legal proceedings continue, more defendants from the case are expected to appear before judges, and the full extent of the operation’s impact on the community will likely become clearer. This bust serves as a stark reminder of the hidden battles within communities and the often unseen figures behind them.

The community remains in shock as it grapples with the revelation that a person once seen as a benefactor was, in fact, a perpetrator of the very issues he claimed to fight against.


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