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Inside the Most Barbaric Texas Jail: Dallas County Jail (Video)


Dallas County Jail in Texas, known for its harsh conditions and high-security measures, houses some of the most dangerous criminals in the state. This documentary provides a glimpse into the lives of inmates and the challenges they face daily.

Inmate Profiles and Crimes

The documentary opens with an inmate, Jesse, who is in jail for murder. He describes how he made the news, resulting in him being placed in protective custody to avoid being harmed by other inmates.

Another inmate recounts his tragic story: he blacked out while drunk, assaulted a woman, and ended up killing her. This incident led to his murder charge and subsequent incarceration.

Life in Solitary Confinement

Many inmates in solitary confinement struggle with the mental toll of isolation. The documentary highlights how these conditions push some inmates to the brink of insanity. Trustees, considered less prone to violence, are given the responsibility to clean these isolation cells, often dealing with psychotic inmates who smear feces and blood on the walls.

The Role of Trustees

Two inmates who work as trustees see their job as a chance to escape their past drug habits. One trustee shares his story of falling into heroin addiction after losing his baby. He turned to drug manufacturing and delivery to support his habit and lifestyle.

Trustees often face dangerous situations while cleaning isolation cells. They must be vigilant as inmates sometimes throw feces or urine at them.

Daily Struggles and Food Shortages

The documentary shows the daily routine of delivering meals through feeder ports, with inmates often demanding extra food. Trustees, who distribute the meals, sometimes face aggression from inmates when unable to provide additional food.

Raids and Contraband Searches

Dallas County Jail conducts regular raids to control contraband. The Special Response Team (SRT) is shown conducting a raid in the North Tower, searching for a cell phone suspected to be used by inmates to run drug operations. Despite an extensive search, they find no trace of the phone, highlighting the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between inmates and the authorities.

Court Sentencing

The documentary follows the court sentencing of Tamerack, a 19-year-old inmate facing a potential life sentence. He has been in custody for two years, awaiting this moment. Tamerack’s plea bargaining with the state reduces his sentence from 25 to 20 years after rejecting an offer of 17 years. The brief court hearing results in a 20-year prison sentence.

End of a Day at Dallas County Jail


Officer Nichols, ending his shift in the South Tower, reflects on the day. A day without serious incidents, fights, or injuries is a good day. Despite the harsh conditions and constant challenges, days of relative calm offer a small respite in one of the toughest jails in the world.

Dallas County Jail is a stark reminder of the severe conditions within the American prison system. The documentary sheds light on the daily struggles of inmates and the tireless efforts of the staff to maintain order in a place where chaos is never far away.


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