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Teen Gunman Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Fatal MOA Shooting (Video)

Apology from the Teen Gunman

A teenager convicted in a fatal shooting incident at the Mall of America (MOA) expressed remorse during his sentencing hearing. He apologized for the pain and suffering caused to the victim’s family and the community.

Sentencing Remarks

The presiding judge extended sympathies to the family of the victim, acknowledging their “crushing grief.” The judge noted that only two individuals involved in the case faced adult court, which the judge found unfortunate. The judge emphasized the importance of recognizing personal characteristics in the criminal justice system, but also stressed the necessity of punishment for committing serious crimes.

Incident Description

The judge recounted the events of the incident, describing it as a coordinated effort where the teenager and several others decided to hunt down and execute the victim in a crowded retail establishment during the holiday rush. The judge rejected the defense’s claim of self-defense, stating that the teenager participated in a group killing and put many others, including children, at risk.

Sentencing Details

The teen entered guilty pleas to second-degree murder and second-degree assault. The judge accepted the guilty pleas and adjudicated the teen guilty of both crimes. The sentencing included:

  • Second-Degree Murder: 367 months (approximately 30 years and 7 months) in prison, with credit for 524 days already served. Additional penalties included a $50 fine, a $75 surcharge, and a $3 law library fee. The teen is prohibited from possessing firearms, ammunition, or explosives for life and must provide a DNA sample.
  • Second-Degree Assault: 6 months in prison, to be served concurrently with the murder sentence.

The judge acknowledged the teen’s age as a factor in making the sentences concurrent. The total effective sentence was confirmed as 30 years and 7 months. The hearing concluded with the judge’s formal statements and the final remarks from the involved parties.


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