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Internet Searches Seal Fate: How Jaylin Brazier Was Convicted (video)

Jaylin Brazier has been convicted of murdering his cousin, Zion Foster, in a case that has gripped the local community. The jury took less than an hour to deliberate, bringing a swift end to a trial that presented a mountain of evidence against Brazier.

Jaylin Brazier

This article will delve into the details of the trial, the evidence presented, and the reactions from the families involved.

The Trial

The trial of Jaylin Brazier lasted a week and a half, during which the prosecution presented extensive evidence linking Brazier to the murder of Zion Foster. Despite the lack of a body, the jury found the evidence compelling enough to convict Brazier.

Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Ellzey played a crucial role in outlining the case, presenting internet searches and inconsistencies in Brazier’s story as key pieces of evidence.

Key Evidence

  1. Internet Searches: Prosecutors highlighted Brazier’s internet search history, which included searches related to disposing of a body. This was a significant factor in the jury’s decision.
  2. Inconsistent Stories: Brazier’s changing narrative about the events of the night Zion disappeared raised suspicions. The prosecution argued that these inconsistencies pointed to his guilt.
  3. Absence of Physical Evidence: Despite no physical remains being found, the prosecution built a strong circumstantial case. The defense argued that without a body, blood, or witnesses, there was no proof of a crime.

Jury’s Decision

The jury took less than an hour to convict Brazier, a testament to the strength of the prosecution’s case. Zion’s mother, Sierra Milton, expressed gratitude to the jury for becoming Zion’s voice and ensuring justice for her daughter. The quick verdict surprised many, including those who had been closely following the trial.

Family Reactions

Sierra Milton, Zion Foster’s mother, was a prominent figure throughout the trial. She voiced her relief and appreciation for the jury’s decision.

Milton emphasized the importance of the verdict in acknowledging Zion’s life and dreams, which were tragically cut short in January 2022. Despite the lack of closure that comes with not having her daughter’s body, the guilty verdict provided some measure of justice.


Jaylin Brazier is scheduled to be sentenced on June 3rd. The prosecution, led by Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy, praised the investigators for their relentless efforts over 18 months to piece together the evidence that led to Brazier’s conviction.

Worthy highlighted the meticulous work involved in linking each piece of evidence to Brazier, ultimately resulting in the guilty verdict.

Community Impact

The case has had a significant impact on the local community, with many following the trial closely. The swift verdict and the thoroughness of the investigation have been noted as a testament to the dedication of the law enforcement and judicial systems in pursuing justice for victims of crime.


The conviction of Jaylin Brazier for the murder of Zion Foster marks a critical moment in the pursuit of justice for Zion and her family.

While the absence of her body remains a painful reality, the guilty verdict brings a sense of resolution to a community deeply affected by this tragic event. The upcoming sentencing will be another important step in ensuring that justice is served.


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