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Amputated Arm Linked to Woman’s Murder? (video)

On a quiet Illinois beach, a severed human arm was discovered, leading to a series of tragic events connecting the find to a Milwaukee woman named Sade Robinson.

Is This Arm Linked to Sade Robinson's Murder

Robinson, who was reported missing and later found dismembered, is believed to be the victim whose arm washed up on Waukegan Municipal Beach. Authorities are working tirelessly to confirm this connection through DNA testing.

The Discovery in Illinois

On a fateful Saturday, a severed human arm was found at Waukegan Municipal Beach in Illinois. This gruesome discovery has since been linked to an ongoing investigation in Wisconsin.

Although the arm has not been definitively confirmed as Robinson’s, authorities are working on DNA testing to establish the connection.

The Victim: Sade Robinson

Sade Robinson, 33, was last seen alive on April 1st. She was on a first date with the accused killer, Maxwell Anderson.

Robinson’s dismembered body parts have been found scattered across Milwaukee County, with this latest discovery potentially adding another piece to the tragic puzzle.

Family’s Agony and Search for Closure

Robinson’s family was notified by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office about the discovery. The news has been overwhelming for Robinson’s mother, who learned about the discovery on Mother’s Day.

The family is now awaiting DNA results to confirm whether the arm belongs to Sade Robinson. They continue to search for closure as they actively look for more of Robinson’s remains.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation into Robinson’s death continues as Maxwell Anderson, the accused, makes another court appearance. The prosecution is still handing over evidence to the defense, delaying the progress of the case. Anderson’s next court date is set for July 12th.

Community Support and Memorial

The Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) will honor Robinson at their commencement ceremony on Sunday. Robinson had completed her degree in criminal justice, and this recognition serves as a testament to her hard work and dedication.

Dr. Erika Brown, a friend of Robinson’s mother, expressed the family’s need for prayers and support during this difficult time.

Future Efforts

Robinson’s family is focusing their search efforts at beaches in Racine County. They are determined to find all of Robinson’s remains to achieve closure and move forward from this tragic incident.


As the investigation unfolds, the community remains hopeful for justice for Sade Robinson. The DNA results from the arm discovered in Illinois are eagerly awaited to provide a definitive link to Robinson and further the case against Maxwell Anderson.

Robinson’s story highlights the importance of community support and the relentless pursuit of justice for victims and their families.


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