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J.K. Mac X YoungBoy: “Swear” Out Now on Gala Music!

Bundled with the release is an official music video, boasting a cinematic aesthetic that enhances the song’s evocative narrative. This collaboration not only bridges the generational gap between two pioneering lyricists but also embraces the innovative landscape of web3 by partnering with Gala Music.

J.K. Mac X YoungBoy: "Swear" Out Now on Gala Music!

“We are thrilled to host the exclusive premiere of ‘Swear’ by J.K. Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again,” said Gala Music President, Leila Steinberg. “This collaboration not only showcases the immense talent of these artists but also underscores Gala Music’s commitment to providing a platform for groundbreaking music experiences. This is the beginning of more J.K. Mac drops on Gala Music.”

In celebration of the release, J.K. Mac’s fanbase and YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s incredible following will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes through Gala Music’s Mystery Box, including exclusive behind-the-scenes content, merchandise, an exclusive J.K. Mac song and more at a price point of $9.99.

J.K. Mac, hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique fusion of classic hip-hop elements and contemporary production techniques. His meteoric rise in the music scene is a testament to his unwavering dedication and innovative artistry.

From the infectious rhythm of “No Love” to the introspective melodies of “Kale,” J.K. Mac’s discography showcases a diverse range of musical styles and lyrical prowess. With each track, he continues to push the boundaries of the hip-hop genre, earning acclaim and admiration from fans and critics alike.

As Gala Music continues to evolve as the go-to destination for games and now music, “Swear” stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to empowering artists and connecting audiences worldwide.

For more information about “Swear” and other exclusive releases, visit Gala Music’s official website at

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