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JJ Redick Interviews for Lakers Coaching Job (Video)


JJ Redick is set to interview for the Los Angeles Lakers coaching job this weekend, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. A strong performance in the interview could place him at the forefront of the franchise’s search for a new head coach.

Lakers’ Coaching Search Strategy

The Lakers are expanding their horizons in their coaching search due to a limited pool of experienced NBA candidates. Notably, Mike Budenholzer preferred the Suns’ job, leading the Lakers to consider candidates outside the usual suspects.

JJ Redick’s Unique Qualifications

Redick’s candidacy is intriguing due to his insightful basketball commentary and experience as a cerebral player. His podcast with LeBron James has been a notable factor, providing a public stress test of their potential working relationship.

The Challenge Ahead

The Lakers’ coaching job is considered challenging, with the team having only one top-seven finish in the Western Conference in the last 12 years. Despite the challenges, Redick’s discipline and visibility in the media have kept him a strong candidate.

Stephen A. Smith’s Perspective

Stephen A. Smith pointed out that Redick is not under any undue pressure, as his current roles in media were choices he made. Smith emphasized that Redick is exactly where he wants to be, noting his passion and readiness for the coaching opportunity.

Misreporting and Clarifications

There was some misreporting regarding Redick’s position, initially suggesting he had the Lakers job. It was later clarified that the Lakers were still pursuing Dan Hurley, which caused confusion but did not negatively affect Redick’s candidacy.

Potential Future Scenarios

As the Lakers continue their search, they aim to offer a significant contract to Dan Hurley, which could pave the way for Redick if Hurley declines. The Lakers’ strategy seems to involve setting high expectations to secure their preferred candidate.

Coaching Tenure Expectations

Analysts argue that the next Lakers coach, whether Redick or another candidate, should be given sufficient time to establish a system and culture. The revolving door of coaches has been ineffective, and a longer tenure might provide the stability needed for success.


The Lakers are exploring innovative approaches in their coaching search, with JJ Redick emerging as a notable candidate. The upcoming interview will be crucial in determining if Redick will take on the challenging role of leading the Lakers.

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