Jordan is The GOAT but LeBron James Fans Think Not – Who is Right?

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(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Last night the Lakers got a game closer to going to the finals and when Lebron James is in the finals people start talking about him surpassing Michael Jordan as the GOAT. Sports radio and television hosts are usually the worse when it comes to their hot takes no matter the side. They tell us rings matter or rings don’t matter; this era is harder or that era was harder; Lebron does more for the community than Michael, LeBron had more help or Michael had more help; they jump on any negative or positive news story and say, “see this is why my guy is the GOAT;” and it goes on and on. The funniest part about the “professional” debates is that they consider the other side unknowledgeable, sensitive, a hater, etc. When will they realize that each side is the same person?

Fans are just as bad, but without the platform. Each fanbase is well-versed in the stats for their GOAT. They share a quote from an athlete about who is the GOAT depending on which side is taken. Then the arguments start to get personal. Each side thinks the other is unreasonable or a hater. Each side thinks the other side is blinded by their loyalty. Each side thinks the other side thinks their guy can do no wrong and the other is obsessed with their guy. When their guy does something good or bad each side rides that news and says, “see and this is why my guy is the GOAT.” When will they realize they are the same person and ride for their guy the same way?

Fans of both men are at times unreasonable, petty and wrong; but that’s what makes the debates funny. The more each side thinks the other fanbase is uninformed, using stats and not their eyes; the more you realize they are the same. Fans love their guy and even though they say they don’t care if you love them, they do otherwise they wouldn’t go this hard for them. These are/were extraordinary players, doing or have done extraordinary things. Maybe both sets of fans should stop debating and just appreciate the greatness of both…nah that’s no fun. One thing is for sure there is respect for each player because you can’t argue this much and passionately if there isn’t a sliver of respect. So, continue the debate of two fabulous athletes and Black men. I said all of that to say, Michael Jordan is the GOAT…debate me ?.


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