Judge Removed from Office Amid Felony Charges and Ethics Violations: The Inside Story (video)

The Georgia Supreme Court has removed Douglas County Judge Kristina Peterson from office following her arrest outside a Buckhead lounge. Despite facing felony charges for allegedly hitting a police officer, her removal is primarily due to numerous ethics charges brought by the State Commission investigating judicial misconduct.

Ethics Violations and Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court’s decision, detailed in an 80-page document, outlines 28 counts of misconduct and 30 alleged violations committed by Judge Peterson. These violations include improper conduct towards county officials and inappropriate use of court resources. Peterson’s attorney expressed satisfaction with the vigorous defense provided, which resulted in the dismissal of several counts and the defeat of two motions for interim suspension. However, the court ultimately decided against Peterson.

Public and Social Media Reaction

Peterson claimed on social media that her removal was a setup, not justice. Some residents of Douglasville believe she deserved the consequences, particularly after viewing the body camera footage of her arrest. One resident commented on the significant number of violations, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Interim Court Administration

A spokesperson for Douglas County stated that senior judge John McLean would likely appoint a retired judge to maintain court operations until Peterson’s term ends in December. This measure aims to ensure the continuity of judicial functions in Douglas County following Peterson’s removal.


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