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Keke Palmer Shares ‘hope’ for Film ‘Alice’

Keke Palmer Talks ‘hope’ for New Film ‘Alice’

Tuesday on “The Talk” Keke Palmer discusses her new film “Alice” about slavery and why this movie is important to her. “We all think about these kinds of movies as it pertains to black people, slavery in history in America and immediately puts you in this oppressive state of mind…I think the thing is, is not shy away from the past and history because there is so much to learn there, but how can we specifically tell a story in a way for the youth to still want to be involved.” Palmer adds, “For them to be able to say, this is the foundation of where I came from. This is the foundation of resilience, pride and hope and faith to move forward. That is the hope we have with ‘Alice.’”

Colton Underwood: ‘I’m the ‘happiest, the healthiest I’ve even been’; Talks Wedding Plans

Colton Underwood dishes on his upcoming nuptials, new reality series “Beyond the Edge” and responsibility to the young gay community. “I’m the happiest, the healthiest I’ve ever been. Life is good.” On his upcoming wedding, he shares, “We’re still working on the guest list…We were trying to keep it small, but then by the time we both added our families we were like, we might as well go for it.”

As a contestant on CBS’ “Beyond the Edge,” Underwood reveals, “I was faced with a lot of adversity out there, but I feel like I was built for the physical part of that show. But the lack of sleep and food got to me. I’m a hangry person.” Discussing being a role model for youth, he adds, “I just felt at the end of the day in the entertainment industry, the representation matters.

It’s been done for our gay community for New York and LA, so the Netflix show [“Coming Out Colton”] is more for middle America, the conservative families, mothers, fathers and kids out there. So, I know I hold a responsibility and a platform now to continue to be a role model for the Midwest kids. So that’s sort of what I’m excited about and seeing how I can help.”

‘The Talk’ Hosts Debut Their Watch Magazine Cover

‘The Talk’ Hosts Debut Their Watch Magazine Cover

Hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood grace the cover of Watch Magazine’s March/April issue on newsstands now and debut their photos Tuesday on “The Talk.”



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