Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Kirkland Morris Takes DARF.TV into the Writer’s Room as a Black Screenwriter in Hollywood

Many people feel this is truly the beginning of a renaissance in Hollywood for Black talent on the screen and behind the scenes. DARF TV has the opportunity to have a virtual chat with screenwriter Kirkland Morris, who is doing his thing in Tinsel Town as one of the principle writers on the POWER spinoff featuring Tommy’s character. He is also writing on 50 Cent’s new series, BMF that was also picked up by STARZ.

If you are paying attention, you already see the connection between Kirk and 50 Cent. This is a business partnership that is truly blossoming into a winning combination and part of the aforementioned renaissance going in Hollywood. Check out the interview below as Mr. Morris opens up about the tragedies and triumphs of being a Black screenwriter in Hollywood. Wait until you hear about and see some of his other projects – his man is certified genius with the pen.


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