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LeBron James’ Future: Will He Win Another Ring Before Retiring? (Video)


LeBron James, a legendary figure in basketball, is at a crucial point in his career. As discussions arise about his future, experts on NBA Today weigh in on whether he will win another championship before retiring.

LeBron’s Past Achievements

In 2012, LeBron James achieved an incredible milestone by winning the NBA Championship, NBA Finals MVP, regular season MVP, and an Olympic gold medal in the same year. Only Michael Jordan in 1992 has matched this feat. As of now, LeBron has won four NBA titles.

Current Team Challenges

LeBron James is currently with the Los Angeles Lakers. The panel on NBA Today discussed the team’s prospects, highlighting the main challenge: the Denver Nuggets. According to Zach, the competition in the Western Conference is fierce, particularly from the Nuggets, making it unlikely for the Lakers to secure another title soon.

Potential for Another Title

Kendrick Perkins believes that if the Lakers can avoid the Nuggets in the postseason, they have a chance to beat any other team in the Western Conference. However, he acknowledges that this scenario involves several “ifs,” including improvements in the Lakers’ roster and strategic playoff positioning.

LeBron’s Possible Moves

Bobby Marks suggests that LeBron might win another championship, but not with the Lakers. He envisions LeBron opting for free agency and joining a different team better positioned for a title run. This path could see LeBron signing a short-term contract with a player option, allowing him flexibility to find the right fit.

The Role of Coaching

The upcoming season will see LeBron under his 10th coach, JJ Redick. Bobby Marks pointed out the unique dynamic between Redick and LeBron, as they have shared a podcast and a glass of wine together. This unconventional relationship might influence the Lakers’ performance and LeBron’s decision on his future.

Future of the Lakers

The panel believes that the success of LeBron James and Anthony Davis this season will significantly impact their future with the Lakers. If the team fails to perform well, LeBron might consider moving to another team to chase his fifth championship.


While the panel on NBA Today presented mixed opinions, the consensus leans towards LeBron James possibly winning another ring, but likely not with the Los Angeles Lakers. His future decisions, including potential free agency moves, will play a crucial role in determining his chances of securing another title before retirement.

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