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Lil Woody Pleads the Fifth in Young Thug RICO Case (Video)

Witness Arrested for Contempt of Court

In a significant development at the Fulton County Courthouse, Kenneth Copeland, also known as Lil Woody, a witness in the Young Thug YSL RICO trial, was arrested for contempt of court.

Invocation of the Fifth Amendment

Copeland invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination and to avoid testifying against rapper Young Thug. When prosecutors asked Copeland his age, he responded evasively, saying, “I’m grown. I’m an adult.” He continued to assert his Fifth Amendment right in response to further questions.

Judge’s Warning and Immunity

Fulton County Chief Judge Ural Glanville warned Copeland that failure to testify could result in contempt charges and possible jail time. Despite his refusal to testify, Copeland had already been granted immunity by the prosecution in exchange for his testimony. Judge Glanville reiterated that Copeland was required to testify under the immunity agreement.

Outcome and Next Steps

Due to his refusal to testify despite the immunity deal, Judge Glanville ordered Copeland’s arrest. The court proceedings are set to resume on Monday, with the prosecution likely seeking further enforcement of the testimony requirement.

Background on Copeland

Kenneth Copeland is a convicted felon who has previously provided police with information about several past and future crimes. His involvement in the case is crucial due to the information he possesses.


The case continues to unfold with high tension as the court navigates the challenges of securing witness testimony in a high-profile trial involving Young Thug and the YSL RICO charges.

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