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Mayor Justifies Luxury Housing for Homeless Population (Video)


The Mayor of Los Angeles defended a new luxury housing project for the homeless, despite criticism regarding its high cost and amenities. The project aims to address the city’s growing homelessness problem by providing housing with comprehensive services.

Cost and Amenities

The $67 million project, which has housed only 255 people so far, includes a high-rise building in downtown LA equipped with a gym, music, art, and recreational facilities. The Mayor emphasized that these amenities are essential for healing and mental health.

Homelessness Crisis in California

California has spent $24 billion on homelessness over the past five years, yet homelessness has increased by 34% during this period. Critics argue that the state’s approach has not been effective due to a lack of focus on underlying issues such as addiction and mental health.

Criticism of Current Policies

Critics of the “housing first” approach, which prioritizes providing housing without addressing addiction and mental health issues, argue that this method is insufficient. They suggest that without requiring treatment for addiction and mental health, the provided housing will be damaged and the homeless will return to the streets.

Public Response

Many LA residents express frustration over the allocation of substantial funds to homeless housing projects, while they themselves struggle with high living costs. The sentiment is that the resources could be better utilized to address the root causes of homelessness rather than just providing temporary solutions.


The debate over the best approach to handle homelessness in Los Angeles continues, with the Mayor advocating for comprehensive housing solutions, while critics call for a more balanced approach that includes mandatory treatment for addiction and mental health issues.

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