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Man Arrested for Threatening Facebook Post Referencing Memphis Spree Shooter (Video)

Arrest and Charges

Derek White has been arrested and charged with the commission of an act of terrorism after making threatening posts on his Facebook account. The posts suggested he intended to shoot random people.

Community Reaction

The threatening post sparked fear and concern among residents. Pastor Reginal Tucker expressed the community’s anxiety, recalling a similar incident that previously put the city on lockdown.

Content of the Post

White’s post referenced Ezekiel Kelly, who, in 2022, went on a shooting spree across Memphis, injuring six people and killing three. Kelly had also announced his violent plans on Facebook, leading to a city-wide lockdown.

Police Response

Memphis Police acted swiftly once they became aware of White’s post. Officers from the organized crime unit located and arrested White. They also discovered he had an outstanding aggravated assault warrant.

Public Statements

Before his arrest, White posted on Facebook claiming his threat was not serious. Despite this, the police and community did not take his statements lightly.

Legal Proceedings

White is scheduled to face a judge tomorrow morning at 201 Poplar. The community hopes this incident will encourage finding better ways to address conflicts and prevent such threats in the future.

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