Man Kills Gay Cellmate After Request for Transfer Denied (video)

Prisoner kills cellmate because of his sexual orientation

In all fairness, while this is a tragic story how is it that prison officials/authorities at the prison are not responsible for this incident. He warned them and he asked for a transfer and they ignored his request. Because of that a life was taken.

An Alger County inmate 23-Year-old DeShawn Madden was transferred to a correctional facility in Munising Township and was placed in a cell with 23-year-old Rodriguez Montez Burks, who was gay. Two days after the transfer Burks was dead on July 20 approximately two hours before Burks‘s death manhood ass person counselor Karen Tunic for a transfer to another cell. His requests were ignored.

She admitted Madden asked her for a transfer and told her he was locked in with a homosexual and that he was not into that and he was concerned about rumors in the prison. Usually, prisons separate the gay prisoners from the straight population for the safety of the gay prisoners but this was not the case here.

Prison clothes requested by Burks were never picked up and guards did a welfare check on him and found him dead in the cell from blunt force trauma to the head. Madden was later sentenced to a minimum of 60 years and a maximum of 90 years after he was found guilty of second-degree murder. What are your thoughts on this?


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