Man Sentenced to Life for Murder Over Parking Space at Atlanta Mall (Video)

A man has been sentenced to life without parole for a murder that took place in the parking lot of Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. The incident, which occurred in March 2020, stemmed from a dispute over a parking space.

The Incident

On March 8, 2020, Ricky Lefar, then 19 years old, shot and killed Tuan Win in the back of the head during an altercation over a parking spot at Lenox Square Mall. Lefar and four others arrived at the parking lot in an SUV and took a parking space that Win and his girlfriend had been waiting for. Words were exchanged between the groups before Lefar’s group went into the mall’s food court.

The Confrontation

As Lefar’s group was leaving the mall, Win, who was unarmed and outnumbered, followed them out. During the confrontation in the parking lot, Lefar, who had a gun in a sling bag, circled behind Win and shot him in the head. Lefar’s group fled the scene in their SUV but crashed shortly after, leaving behind a gun and a hat with Lefar’s DNA.

The Trial and Sentencing

During the trial, the prosecution used surveillance video and other evidence to illustrate the events that led to Win’s death. Witnesses described the shooting as an execution. The prosecutor recommended a life sentence with the possibility of parole due to Lefar’s age and lack of an adult criminal record. However, Judge Alice Benton sentenced Lefar to life without parole plus an additional five years.

Reactions and Aftermath

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis expressed satisfaction with the sentence, stating that it was justified given the circumstances. Despite concerns about safety at Lenox Square Mall, Willis emphasized her commitment to maintaining it as a safe environment for shoppers.

Defense Claims

Lefar’s defense lawyer, Patrick Brackley, argued that the gun accidentally discharged when Lefar attempted to strike Win during a fistfight. This defense was rejected by the jury, and the prosecution noted that none of the independent witnesses supported the claim that Win initiated physical violence.

Ongoing Concerns

The case highlights ongoing concerns about violence and safety at popular spots in Atlanta. Despite the incident, authorities continue to work on ensuring the safety and security of Lenox Square Mall and its patrons.


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