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Man Swaps $28,000 Diamond with Fake in Jewelry Store (Video)

Surveillance Footage Released

A Cobb County jewelry store has released surveillance footage of a man suspected of stealing a diamond worth $28,000. The man allegedly replaced the diamond with a fake and walked out of the store.

Incident Details

The incident took place at a Smyrna jewelry store. Employees reported that the suspect visited the store twice on Monday, spending a total of two hours there. He returned after closing time, expressing his intention to purchase a $28,000 engagement diamond.

The Swap

As he was about to pay, the man asked to step outside for a cigarette. Candy Johnson, an employee, mentioned that the staff realized he had swapped their two-carat diamond with a cubic zirconia shortly after he left. By the time they went outside to find him, he was already gone.

Professional Execution

Store security footage showed the suspect making the switch in an area without overhead cameras. Employees described his actions as professional sleight of hand.

Suspect Identified

The store reported the incident to the Jewelers Security Alliance in New York. Officials recognized the suspect’s face from a similar crime at a Virginia jewelry store. The hope is that the released video and pictures will help lead to his arrest.

Ongoing Investigation

The suspect’s vehicle was not captured on video, and it is unclear if he resides in Georgia. Smyrna police are handling the investigation, and employees hope the footage will prevent similar incidents from happening to others.

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