Mass Arrests Follow Chicago Pride Parade (video)

Incident Overview

Chicago Police Department reported a total of 53 arrests near the site of the Pride parade, which concluded on Sunday. Among those arrested, 14 individuals are facing felony charges. The arrests occurred approximately ten to eleven hours after the parade ended.

Business Reactions

Local businesses expressed concerns about the safety and feasibility of remaining open during the parade. Some businesses, like Modern Grill, experienced chaotic scenes, leading them to take preventive measures such as boarding up windows. The owner, Chris Caruso, highlighted the challenges posed by the disorderly behavior of some parade attendees.

Police and Community Response

The police presence, which included helicopters and a significant number of officers, received mixed reactions. Some community members, like Ethan Shot, felt the heavy police presence detracted from the spirit of Pride, suggesting that there should be no police at Pride events. However, others appreciated the police efforts to maintain order.

Official Statements

Fourth Ward Alderman Bennett Lawson expressed disappointment over the disruptive actions that took place in the neighborhood following the parade. Pride Chicago, on the other hand, received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both spectators and parade participants, despite the incidents.


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