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Maxïmo Park Drops ‘Favourite Songs’ via Lower Third

Maxïmo Park are today sharing brand-new single “Favourite Songs” out via Lower Third. “Favourite Songs” is the band’s own salute to the potency of pop music in its ability to provide solace in times of need, and a place to retreat into with like minds.

Maxïmo Park Drops 'Favourite Songs' via Lower Third

Jerky riffs, shimmering synths and a driving chorus propel “Favourite Songs” to a place of collective joy, while singer Paul Smith’s reassurances that “all of our troubles will fade away” ring out in elation.

As the first new music from the band in more than 18 months it’s a song that finds them back in the mood for celebration, reveling in music’s power to create the strongest of bonds and send the strongest of messages.

Singer Paul Smith comments on the song: “Our aim was to create a peppy yet powerful ode to the consolation of music and companionship in the face of other people’s preconceptions.”

Listen to “Favourite Songs” HERE


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