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Detroit Listeners React to Michael Baisden’s Show Removal

I find this picture of Mike in front of the Mic disrespectful to those of us who have earned a radio career (laugh, I really could are less). These are the comments that have been coming in about Michael’s show being canned in Detroit. I personally applaud the decision as I feel about syndication hosts the way actors feel about rappers acting in movies.

I could never listen to Mike’s show because of his “yucking” style. It’s like he listened to a black DJ from the 70s and mimicked him. “Familayeeeeeeeeeee….” BUT he does often cover some great topics, nothing, of course, a local show could not do. Comments below range from everything to people who despise him to those who want to give birth to his children (laugh).

Happily Married Man
Submitted on 2009/09/1 at 5:37pm
Thank God someone has come to their senses. This guy is out to destroy the black family. His constant attacks on marriage and married people is sickening. I hope everyone cancels this disgrace of a show.

Thank God someone has come to their senses. This guy is out to destroy the black family. His constant attacks on marriage and married people is sickening. I hope everyone cancels this disgrace of a show.

Submitted on 2009/09/14 at 11:54am
Be honest radio folks. Did you ever think that show was entertaining anyway? No knock on what he’s accomplished, but c’mon. It’s sounds so low budget and small market, that it was just a matter of time before listeners didn’t buy into the hype any longer. R.I.P.

Submitted on 2009/09/14 at 6:17pm
I think Michael Baisden is pretty much the voice of reason for alot of the radio programs syndicated in the Detroit area. He was the only one that talked about our president and ways that people can help him. He brought the the front alot of social issues that affect the African American cultures. I am ashamed that the voices of Black American are not more outrage at how our President is being portrayed.

Michael Basiden at least gave insight to some of the political issues that affect Americans in general. Others Black programs just want to joke around and not even touch on how serious things are becoming.

Missing Baisden
Submitted on 2009/09/14 at 6:20pm
I love Michael and I’m from Detroit. I will miss his show. It was the best show in the afternoon. I love hearing the male perspective on things. His show was very informative.

Submitted on 2009/09/15 at 2:17pm
This is truly the day that the Lord hath made,”¦and heard our cry! He stand s for too much foolishness & buffoonery. Anybody can do that. He loves to make Black women seem weak & unwise! He celebrates the used Black women and her right to remain so. To day I am glad! Free at last!

Ya Ya Tabita
Submitted on 2009/09/16 at 4:20am
I am not surprised that the Baisden show was removed from the airwaves in Detroit. It’s only the beginning of the shut-down of national black programming that served to unify and move us as a race. Remember Katrina, the “6? and the election of President Obama”¦.Baisden helped us to stay connected as a nation and well informed about what is happening to our brothers and sisters across America, as if we were neighbors.

Yeah, he could get “fired up””¦yeah, he said it was alright to gay and a number of other things that make the black community nervous. But if you don’t see this as a step towards shutting down black communication networks, you are kidding yourselves. Wake Up!!!!!! Baisden saw this coming when a few weeks ago the story broke about the “new threat to black radio dealing with “pay-to-play””music by certain artist.

As a former broadcast professional I am saddened to witness what is happening here. I’m from Detroit”¦Baisden was the Talk of the Town (no pun intended Frankie)”¦I don’t believe he was taken off the air due to low rating”¦..he moved Black America into action. Keep up the good fight Mike!!!! I will listen on-line.

Submitted on 2009/09/16 at 11:11am
I love Frankie Darcell, but I think WMXD will live to regret this decision. Sure MB was silly and light hearted but he was also serious when he needed to be. He is in touch with the political, the entertainment, the health industry people all over the nation. How can you take Baisden off and keep Harvey (not saying that I don’t like Steve). WMXD should bring The Michael Baisden show back before another station get him. I will listen on-line during that time frame and they will have less listener at that time.

Detroit Gee

Submitted on 2009/09/16 at 11:39am
I have mixed emotions about the removal of Michael Baisden’s show. First, he was an advocate for Black folk as stated in previous post. He put the information in your face about the Gena 6 and other news that we needed to support. However, not being here in Detroit he didn’t know about the two little girls burned in a fire bombing.

We need folks to speak to our issues as well as national and global issues. As Black folk we aren’t loyal to Institutions (radio stations) we generally are loyal to personality. We will follow a DJ from station to station. Baisden’s celebrity and charm will have us searching the net for him.?I hope the DJ(s) now filling the syndicated spots will be community conscious as well as play the music of independent artist in the area.
Have A Very Musical Day


Submitted on 2009/09/17 at 9:12am

Joanna Cristoph
Submitted on 2009/09/17 at 12:31pm
I have no plans to continue to listen to 92.3 FM.?Yes Michael was a very controversial host, but he did what very few (if any in the Det. are) are committed to doing. He brought awareness to real issues that exist in the African American community, that no one else is discussing. We all know Frankie Darcell is politically biased. She is a Kwame and Carlita tail kisser. Not only is her programming boring, she is not saying anything worth listening to. It is ashamed that Michael will be silenced in the Detroit area, I love his programming and will stream it online from now on.

Submitted on 2009/09/18 at 9:09am
-For those of you who think that the Michael Baisden show needed to be cut. Good luck in finding another fm station for both the younger and older generation in Detroit to listen to where there is a well spoken and relatable DJ that doesn’t play gangster rap or songs of negative influence on your daughters and sons.

Good luck in finding another Dj that speaks directly to THE MEN of your city who, God knows, need an awakening on the damage their doing to your community. Good luck finding another DJ that is willing to hear from as well as encourage your younger boys and girls to become something better than what they hear on these other radio stations. And good luck with getting a good laugh on your drive home from “Frankie Darcell”.

I would rather play my ipod all afternoon than listen to that boring show. P.S. if the show made you feel weak and unwise as a black woman, it’s probably because you already were and he made you realize it. So by all means, go ahead and listen to whatever station makes you feel more comfortable as a weak and unwise black woman.


Submitted on 2009/09/18 at 11:48am
Where is Mike, they need to take Frankie off ASAP! I need to hear what’s going on around the country.

Sand olite

Submitted on 2009/09/18 at 12:56pm
I will no longer listen to 92.3 FM. I believe they are cowardly to do such a thing . I cannot wait to see what station picks up this wonderful show.?Did I agree with him all the time? No. Did I believe that his side kick George was appropriate much of the time? No. I am a married christian woman with a son so alot of the lack of values were opposite of my opinion but would I take that voice away from him? No. We are Americans. He brought people together, kept us connected, informed and empowered. The cowards that don’t want to hear this voice will be sorry and should be ashamed.

Thank you!
Submitted on 2009/09/18 at 2:12pm
I am also glad that the Michael Baisden show is off the air. He touched on some important issues, but the majority of his talk was about sex, cheating on your spouse, swinging, and anything that had to do with sex. Too me, he was a shallow talk show host who sort of went where ever the wind was blowing. He didn’t really seem to be a staunch supporter of any topic (except those that dealt with sex.). He jumped on “Jena 6? because it was hot at the time.

This guy did nothing for the good of society. He had a “feel good””show. He tried to make everyone feel good about what ever it is they were doing without accountability. Instead of telling people young and old to stop playing games, he encourages cheating, swinging, and the like. I hope intelligent, smart, thought-provoking, talk radio is on its way back!!!

R. Hawkins
Submitted on 2009/09/20 at 8:04am
I HATE that Michael Baisden is off the air in Detroit. He gave out a lot of information. He also was the only show who would play b side artists. All of the other shows play the same music over and over again. They don’t talk about ANYTHING unless the Mayor is having an affair or Michael Jackson dies. I am no longer listening to 92.3! They can have their new fall line up. I am not interested.

Submitted on 2009/09/2 at 4:04pm
I agree that the powers that be on “the mix””will be sorry for canceling Michael Baisden. I didn’t agree with everything he said, but he brought many issues to our attention. He is pro active. He gave $1,000 to the campaign of Joe Wilson’s opponent after he disrespected the president on national television. Frankie is tired radio and needs to go somewhere and sit down. Until then, I will continue to catch Michael on the Internet and ride home listening to Smooth Jazz.

tajuana jeter

Submitted on 2009/09/22 at 2:39am
Frankie Darcell SUCKS! I hope another radio station hurry and pick MB up. I “˜ve been a fan of MB since the 90s when he was writing books. GOOD LUCK to him and Geoge in their future endeavors.


Submitted on 2009/09/22 at 11:42am
I’m soooooo glad he is no longer on the radio. YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!


Submitted on 2009/09/22 at 11:53am
I guess Mr. MB thought he was untouchable ha ha ha I’m very happy!

Submitted on 2009/09/22 at 12:17pm
You want to talk about a irritating voice hell Michael’s voice is the worst. Face it he sucks!

Submitted on 2009/09/23 at 5:33pm
They need to bring back Michael baisden he was informative and sensible. if you live in a world where you wanna here what make you feel better stick you head in the ground!!!! i will not listen too 92.3 until they bring him back

Submitted on 2009/09/24 at 9:14am
OK, what’s really going on?? I tune in to listen to the Michael Baisden show in the afternoons and didn’t hear it. I waited a few days thinking that maybe there was a mix up. I usually keep the dial on 92.3 but I don’t like Frankie in that spot. I will have to find another station to listen to in the afternoon. I thought many of his topics were very informative and I think its a shame that he was snatched off of our local station 92.3.

Now who will inform us of what’s going on around the world certainly not the prime time news or CNN, FOX, MSNBC, we need to hear news that you don’t normally hear. Michael I still support you and think you have done a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!!

T Simple
Submitted on 2009/09/24 at 6:08pm
Well I am pissed that mike is off in Detroit I used to listen to him but I stopped a few months back because I got totally involved in talk radio so I started listening to Al Sharpton on AM 12OO WCHB from to 3 pm but MB was very informative and entertaining so he was the best of both worlds but i can tolerate just political and social talk radio about the black community but my worry is many of us blacks cant just listen to talk so some of us will turn to garbage rap or rnb stations that don’t inform us and thats my worry.

I will stay informed but other just cant do only talk and I understand Mike was the perfect mix 92.3 was stupid and im done with them for good but if Al gets took off the radio we will know something is up and they are trying to break up our black unity because im already wondering the real reason they took baisden of now I mean he did help get us too vote for obama and jena six and I also heard him say he was going to start promoting black business and create as many millionaires as he could then strangely enough they pull the plug I don’t know but it something to think about

Submitted on 2009/09/24 at 8:59pm
Well, Well another miracle for the Detroit people. Michael is a arrogant male who has been victimized by some woman in the past and he tries to take his frustration out on other women. Although some of his shows where informational, most of the time he was victimizing women and pastors.

Don’t we have enough of these so-called talk show on television, who talk about sex, sex, sex. I listen to the radio to hear music and relax away from all the things we see and hear everyday on TV and enough was enough. Best of Luck Baisden, but just like Kilpatrick catch you on the flip side

Submitted on 2009/09/24 at 9:57pm
Baisden kept the African American Community informed on political issues vital to their survival. If anyone doesn’t realize this, they are mistaken. He was the lone voice that kept us abreast during the political campaign. He was the anecdote to the Right wing radio stations..The Limbaughs and Duko’s.

He did have some controversial series that questioned his integrity and the respect of the christian family, but I think the callers could have called in and asked! He would be willing to apologize and correct wrongs. I would like to know the true reason for his show being off the air in Detroit.

Frankie is nice but she is of a different caliber when compared to a Nationally syndicated radio show that keeps the community well informed on issues concerning the Democratic base, which I believe is Detroit.

I think weighing all, It is a big mistake to let him off the radio waves in Detroit. When you travel to other Urban cities, you realize that not having Baisden makes you feel like there is some movement missing in Detroit.
May another station pick him up..

Elizabeth Russell
Submitted on 2009/09/25 at 5:34am
I can not believe some of these comments that I am reading about how MB had anything bad to say. I am a 25 year old white woman from Detroit, and I REALLY respect MB for doing what he does. He spread the word of love, kindness & COMMEN RESPECT for all people of all races!! You can not find anyone doing anything like that now.

He was interested in hearing people’s views from all around the world and sharing them on the radio so that we can all try to come together to take the world out of the shambles it is in now. Thank you MB, I am so disappointed that they would take you off the radio, as I really think the D needs your positive attitude right now”¦”¦.by the way”¦.I totally agree that they just “said””it was low ratings to get him off the air, because he does good, and big brother doesn’t like it when people do good on behalf of the people.


  1. this is what happens when u syndicate some 1 who made his living off of books of his personal sexual exploits then become the urban relationship expert, and then becomes a voice behind a mic, this is the best we can get from syndication?…. give them this and when they loose it they will seek high and low to refind it if they have the means to do so, a real reality today for some of us.

  2. I love Michael Baisden. I will not be listening to 92.3 or Frankie Darcell. She is one-sided and not entertaining at all. She does not keep us informed of national news and happenings. 92.3 made a big mistake on this one.

  3. Every since we started listening to Michael Baisden show me and my man really love it. He has some very good topics and is very formative about whats going on in the world. I also have my teenage son listening to his topics as well. Michael keep up the good work. Love ur show!

  4. Every since we started listening to the Michael Baisden show me and my man love it. He has very good topics and very formative about the world and is very concerned about our children, and I also have my teenage son listen to his show as well. All we have to say is “Keep up the good work and we love you”.


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