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Ms. Pat Obliterates V-103 and Tigger About Being Fired from the Show (video)

V-103 is a historic station in Atlanta, GA, and has seen many successful women work there, including Robin Roberts, who was a sports anchor and reporter at WAGA-TV in Atlanta from 1988 to 1990. She was also a radio host for V-103 on the Mike and Carol show. While V-103 is a legacy station, to our knowledge, they have never had a woman host the morning show.

Right now, many radio stations are struggling to remain relevant in an era of extremely successful podcasts, which have the same formula as morning shows but without the music. Streaming is also explosive, which challenges radio because listeners can hear what they want without hearing commercials or radio hosts. Many labels and industry pros state that hip hop is not radio-driven anymore and the younger generations are not listening to the radio, as their parents, often millennials, don’t listen as much either. Kids are in cars going to school with their cell phones, and parents driving them to school have many more options today than they did even 10 years ago as to what they listen to on the morning and afternoon commute.

iHeart Radio is the most progressive radio company in the industry, hosting The Breakfast Club, Bobby Bones, Elvis Duran, Ryan Seacrest, and other hit shows. They offer a variety of listening options and concepts like major award shows and premieres that other radio corporations are still trying to catch up on.

Ms. Pat made a few very valid points during her recent interview on The Breakfast Club about her being fired from V-103. Why would a station in a market with the most urban competition get rid of a star like her and keep Tigger instead? Could it be because they thought she would ask to be the new host? Could it be because she would have asked for more money? Both would have been legitimate requests, and firing her in advance would have prevented all of that. Most importantly, is the station refusing to ever have a female host in the morning? This is an issue with many radio stations, even today, as there is an old saying that people want to hear a man’s voice in the morning that has been circling radio for years.

DeDe McGuire hosts a national radio show, and women are no longer willing to be in the background giggling and playing second fiddle to male hosts on radio shows in this new era. If you were a business and you wanted to succeed, would you have fired the star player in the morning when, as Ms. Pat said, people were tuning in to hear her? She is telling the absolute truth; she was the star of the morning show at V-103.

Ms. Pat did not hold back in her critique of Atlanta’s V-103 and Big Tigger during her interview. She called out the station for its decision to fire her, labeling it as “dumb” and accusing Tigger of being jealous of her success. Unapologetically, she referred to V-103 as a “dead station” and expressed her shock at being let go, especially given the popularity and high ratings she brought to the show.

In an engaging interview on The Breakfast Club, Ms. Pat, the acclaimed comedian and star of “The Ms. Pat Show” on BET Plus, opened up about her journey, including her show’s success, personal healing, and challenges in her career and marriage. As Season 4 of her show continues to captivate audiences, Ms. Pat shares her candid thoughts on various topics, demonstrating why her raw and authentic voice resonates so powerfully.

Ms. Pat attributes the success of her show to its relatability and truthfulness. She noted, “It’s the first time somebody like me ever been on TV to say what real people were thinking.” The show delves into deep and often taboo subjects like child molestation, abortion, and felonies, bringing humor and healing to viewers who have experienced similar traumas. Ms. Pat’s unique approach gives a voice to those who have never seen their lives represented on screen.

Reflecting on the emotional toll of revisiting her past, Ms. Pat discussed the healing process that comes with her show. She shared how filming an episode about her mother’s boyfriend’s abuse and her mother’s neglect was a significant breakthrough. “I dealt with my mom because my mom used to say really bad things to me,” she said, adding that this episode helped her break a generational curse.

Ms. Pat’s comedy style is unflinchingly honest. She proudly shared stories from her life, including her struggles and triumphs, and even joked about her weight, saying, “I’m fat, but I think I’m beautiful.” Her ability to laugh at her hardships and share them with the world is a testament to her resilience and authenticity.

Aside from her comedy career, Ms. Pat revealed her passion for DIY projects. She has personally renovated her home and helps others with their renovation projects. Despite her busy schedule, Ms. Pat balances her career, family life, and DIY hobbies with remarkable dedication.

Having been married for over 30 years, Ms. Pat candidly discussed the challenges and dynamics of her relationship. She mentioned her decision to sleep in separate bedrooms from her husband for the sake of peace and personal space, humorously adding that they now FaceTime each other from different rooms.

Ms. Pat also addressed her firing from The Big Tigger Morning Show in Atlanta, calling Big Tigger a hater and jealous. She attributes her firing to jealousy and Tigger’s ego. She remains unapologetic about her departure, emphasizing that it was their loss. “I was blown away,” she said, recounting the moment she was let go. Despite this setback, she continues to thrive in her career, with multiple shows and projects in the pipeline.

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