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Neon Fence Sparks Controversy in Newton County (Video)


A dispute between neighbors in Newton County has led to a brightly painted neon fence that has become a point of contention in the community. The issue has raised discussions about property rights and county regulations.

Fence Height Complaint

Donna Jaap installed a tall privacy fence on her property along Trotters Walk. However, neighbors complained that the fence was too tall, prompting the county to intervene.

County Regulation

The county informed Donna that her fence exceeded the height limit for front yards, which is restricted to four feet. Consequently, Donna was required to shave off the top of her fence to comply with the regulation.

Response to Complaint

In response to the enforcement of the height regulation, Donna exercised her right under another county rule that allows homeowners to paint their fences any color they choose. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, she painted her fence in neon colors.

Neighbors’ Reactions

The neon paint job has frustrated some neighbors, including Dick Hopkins, who lives two doors down. He expressed his dissatisfaction, noting that the bright colors are only visible on the side facing the neighbors, while Donna’s side of the fence is painted a bluish gray to match her home.

County’s Stance on Paint Color

According to county officials, there are no regulations governing the color of a residence’s fence. As a result, Donna’s choice of neon colors is permissible, and she intends to repaint it the same color in 15 years when the paint’s warranty expires.


The neon fence remains a symbol of the ongoing dispute between Donna and her neighbors, highlighting issues of property rights and community standards. Despite the controversy, the county’s lack of regulations on fence color means the vibrant hues are here to stay.

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