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New X-Ray Scanner to Combat Auto Thefts in Canada (Video)


A new initiative has been launched to address the growing issue of auto theft in Canada, which is causing significant financial losses. Authorities are now utilizing x-ray technology to detect stolen vehicles before they are shipped overseas.

Rising Auto Theft Rates in Canada

Auto theft has become a serious concern in Canada, with a vehicle being stolen approximately every five minutes. The problem is particularly severe in Ontario and Quebec, with Toronto being the primary hub for these crimes.

Government’s New Tool: Mobile X-Ray Scanner

Officials from all three levels of government recently demonstrated a new mobile x-ray scanner at the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) headquarters. This scanner, set to be deployed across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) this summer, uses high-energy radiation to penetrate shipping containers and provide clear images of their contents, helping officers identify stolen vehicles.

Economic Impact of Auto Theft

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has labeled auto theft a national crisis. In 2023, auto theft claims in Canada reached a record-breaking $1.5 billion, with over a billion dollars in claims originating from Ontario alone.

Benefits and Future Plans for the Scanner

The introduction of the scanner is expected to significantly aid in the early identification of stolen vehicles within the supply chain. The federal government has invested more than $25 million to support the CBSA in expanding the use of detection technology throughout the country. However, specific details about the number of units purchased and future deployment plans remain undisclosed for security reasons.

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