Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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NMF 3.8: Lekan’s Soulful “614”

Imagine stepping into a world where the warm crackle of vinyl soul classics meets the electrifying pulse of trap R&B. Lekan, the first generation Nigerian-American R&B luminary recently named to Spotify’s 2024 R&B Artists to Watch list, returns today with the release of his new single “614” available on Friday, March 8th on all digital platforms via The Orchard – LISTEN HERE.

NMF 3.8: Lekan's Soulful "614"

Blending the timeless with the contemporary, Lekan introduces a sound that’s both refreshingly modern and deeply nostalgic. Masterfully blending R&B’s depth with soul’s warmth, “614” is an evocative journey through soulful melodies and uplifting beats, painting vivid pictures of resilience and loyalty.

As the narrative unfolds, there’s a palpable shift, a metamorphosis that transports the listener into the second act: a realm where the beats harden, the bass deepens, with Lekan’s voice navigating through the rhythm. This two-chapter journey through “614” is not just a testament to Lekan’s musical prowess but a bridge spanning the chasm between the ancestral echoes of soul and the sharp, sleek lines of today’s R&B.

”614″ stands out for its inspiring message and Lekan’s rich and emotive vocal delivery, which will be on full display during his set at Sol Blume Festival in Sacramento, CA on May 3rd.

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