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ONErpm’s ONE Publishing Forms Exclusive Partnership with YouTube

The publishing entity revolutionizing the music industry, ONE Publishing, has inked a landmark agreement with YouTube, establishing itself as the sole partner with a direct royalty collection arrangement.

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Regarded as a strategic ally, ONErpm has been a beacon of innovation in the music industry for over a decade, offering groundbreaking solutions to bolster and empower artists. This approach has paid off, as evidenced by a 45% increase in global plays and royalties for its artists in 2023.

Initially a music distribution company, ONErpm has transformed into a formidable player in the music industry, dedicated to simplifying the professional lives of artists with pioneering solutions. A prime example is ONE Publishing, which manages the registration and collection of royalties for musical publishing rights, meticulously tracking their distribution across various platforms, including music, video, and even film and TV. Rights owners retain 100% of their rights, receive royalties on 85% of these, and enjoy flexible licensing terms among other significant benefits.

Global Agreements Making a Significant Impact Dedicated to enhancing its artists’ success, ONE Publishing has recently secured a unique agreement with YouTube. This partnership makes it the exclusive partner with a direct collection agreement across numerous countries in Latin America and the USA.

The 2023 Global Music Report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) identifies YouTube as a major revenue source for artists globally. Motivated by this data, ONE Publishing strategically pursued a regional agreement with the video platform. From April 1, 2024, ONE Publishing will begin directly collecting mechanical royalties from YouTube in Brazil, the United States, and most Latin American countries, marking it as the only YouTube partner with such an agreement in these regions.

Leadership Commentary Regarding this development, ONErpm CEO Emmanuel Zunz comments, “The person leading this initiative is Diego Maldonado, General Director of ONE Publishing. With his efforts, we have been gaining market trust. We have done a very good job reducing intermediaries. That means there is more money for our clients and our composers.”

Zunz further adds, “ONE Publishing is becoming an interesting business, and I think it makes ONErpm a more complete ensemble. This milestone will be a great advantage for our clients, as it will allow ONE Publishing to collect royalties from its clients more efficiently and effectively.”


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