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Rico Wade’s Celebratory Funeral Service (pics)

Rico Wade’s Legacy and Honors

Pioneering Contributions to Music

Rico Wade, a foundational figure in the Atlanta music scene and a founding member of the production team Organized Noize, profoundly shaped the sound of Southern hip-hop. His work with OutKast and Goodie Mob helped establish the Dungeon Family collective, a pivotal movement in the 1990s music landscape that he also named.

Educational Initiatives and Community Impact

Wade’s significant contributions extended into educational realms with the establishment of the Rico Wade Music Executive Training Program. This initiative aims to equip aspiring music executives with vital industry knowledge, nurturing the next generation of music industry leaders. Additionally, in recognition of his substantial influence on Atlanta’s cultural and musical fabric, the city honored him with the declaration of “Rico Wade Day.”

Rico Wade’s Celebratory Funeral Service

Gathering of Icons and Dignitaries

The funeral service for Rico Wade was a significant event, attended by luminaries across the music industry and civic leaders. Notable attendees included Organized Noize’s Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown; OutKast’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi; members of Goodie Mob; as well as top executives like Jon Platt, LA Reid, and Sylvia Rhone. The service also saw participation from current and former Atlanta mayors Andre Dickens and Kasim Reed, as well as Senator Raphael G. Warnock.

Recognition of a Visionary

The ceremony not only celebrated Rico Wade’s life but also highlighted his enduring influence through the presentation of the Phoenix Award—the highest civic honor in Atlanta. This accolade is bestowed upon individuals who have significantly contributed to the city through their exceptional skills and dedication. Wade’s legacy, marked by his innovation in music and his commitment to fostering talent, continues to resonate within the community and beyond

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