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Pat Bev Discusses the Infamous ESPN Interview and More (Video)


In a candid interview, NBA player Patrick Beverley opened up about the infamous ESPN interview and various related incidents. Beverley shared his perspective on media narratives, controlling his own story through his podcast, and addressed the controversies surrounding his interactions with reporters and fans.

Controlling the Narrative

Beverley emphasized the importance of athletes having their own platforms to control their narratives. He pointed out that media companies often take statements from players and use them to generate substantial followings without giving due credit. To counter this, Beverley promotes his podcast consistently and ensures that media interactions highlight his platform.

The ESPN Incident

The controversy began when Beverley asked an ESPN reporter to subscribe to his podcast before conducting an interview. This request was part of his broader strategy to ensure media outlets support his platform. Beverley clarified that his intention was not to disrespect the reporter but to seek mutual support and recognition. Despite the backlash, he reached out to the reporter to apologize and clarify his intentions, which helped to resolve the issue.

Handling Misinterpretations

Beverley acknowledged that his actions could be perceived differently than intended. He highlighted that the way events are portrayed can often overshadow the true intentions behind them. This understanding underscores his efforts to control his narrative and avoid misinterpretations.

The Ball-Throwing Incident

Another major incident discussed was Beverley’s altercation with a Pacers fan, where he threw a ball into the stands. This led to a four-game suspension by the league. Beverley admitted that his reaction was inappropriate, regardless of the provocation, and expressed regret over his actions. He emphasized the need for athletes to maintain composure, even in emotionally charged situations.

The Importance of Context

Beverley explained the significance of understanding the context in which actions and statements are made. He pointed out that the environment and circumstances play a crucial role in how actions are perceived. For instance, interactions with fans and the atmosphere during games can influence behavior and reactions.

Support from Teammates

Beverley mentioned the support he receives from his teammates in promoting his podcast. He noted that players like LeBron James and Jae Crowder encourage media outlets to subscribe to Beverley’s podcast before engaging with him. This camaraderie among players helps reinforce the importance of supporting each other’s platforms.

Addressing Misogyny Accusations

Beverley addressed accusations of misogyny that arose from the ESPN incident. He clarified that his actions were not intended to disrespect women and that the backlash was a result of misinterpretation. He stressed that the incident was not rooted in gender bias but in his broader approach to ensuring media support for his podcast.

The Overseas Experience

Beverley compared the intensity of fan interactions in the NBA to his experiences playing overseas. He noted that the level of hostility and provocation from fans can be even more extreme in other countries, highlighting the challenges athletes face in maintaining composure under pressure.


Patrick Beverley’s interview provides insight into the complexities of being an outspoken athlete in the modern media landscape. His emphasis on controlling his narrative, handling controversies, and seeking mutual support from media outlets underscores the evolving dynamics between athletes and the media. Despite facing criticism and challenges, Beverley remains committed to using his platform to share his story on his own terms.


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