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Slim Thug Responds to Critics with $450K Electric Rolls Royce Purchase (Video)


Houston-based rapper Slim Thug recently faced criticism from fans for buying a Tesla truck. In response, he showcased his new $450,000 electric Rolls Royce in a YouTube video, demonstrating his commitment to electric vehicles and the future of automotive technology.

Fans Troll Slim Thug for Tesla Purchase

In the video, Slim Thug addressed his fans’ negative reactions to his first electric vehicle, a Tesla truck. Despite the criticism, he expressed his enthusiasm for the future and his interest in electric cars.

New Rolls Royce Purchase

To counter the backlash, Slim Thug revealed his latest acquisition, an electric Rolls Royce. He asked viewers for their opinions on the new car, suggesting that if they still disliked it, he would continue to make changes.

Commitment to Electric Vehicles

Slim Thug emphasized his support for electric vehicles and his desire to own futuristic cars. He mentioned that owning an electric Rolls Royce was the closest he would get to having his own spaceship.

Same Day Service for Customization

Slim Thug highlighted the same-day service he received for customizing his Rolls Royce, acknowledging that such quick service comes at a high cost. He praised the work of his customization team, including a special shoutout to his friend who helped with the process.

Ready for Challenges

Slim Thug addressed his critics directly, challenging other truck owners to compete with his vehicle. He declared himself “Mr. Smoke” and boasted about the capabilities of his new truck, inviting competitors to test their vehicles against his.

Display of Car Collection

In addition to his Rolls Royce, Slim Thug showcased his impressive car collection. The video featured a variety of high-end vehicles, including a Mustang, Escalade, Lamborghini, and a Corvette. He expressed pride in his collection and its readiness for any challenge.

Fashion Choices and Financial Prudence

Slim Thug also touched on his fashion choices, explaining that he prefers affordable brands like H&M over luxury designers. He emphasized the value of making sensible financial decisions while still maintaining a stylish appearance.

Culinary Preferences

Towards the end of the video, Slim Thug shared his unique approach to enjoying cornbread, demonstrating a method of mushing it up for better flavor. He concluded by inviting viewers to try his method before judging it.


Slim Thug’s response to the criticism he faced for buying a Tesla truck was bold and direct. By purchasing and customizing a $450,000 electric Rolls Royce, he showcased his commitment to the future of electric vehicles and maintained his stance against critics.


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