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Police Remove Squatters from Nassau County Home (Video)


In a significant move, police removed a group of suspected squatters from a home in New Hyde Park, Nassau County. This action follows the implementation of a new law designed to give homeowners more power to evict squatters.

Incident Details

Officers forcibly removed several individuals from the property, where they also found five pit bulls. Neighbors reported that the animals were used to intimidate others in the area.

Owner’s Struggles

Keith Drucker, the owner’s representative, stated that the squatters had broken into the home, changed the locks, and took possession of the property. The owner had been in the process of evicting them before the police intervention.

Legal Perspective

James Kousouris, a criminal defense attorney, highlighted a resurgence of squatters exploiting the legal system to remain in homes unlawfully. The new law, part of the state’s 2025 fiscal budget, aims to counteract this by clearly defining squatting and removing established housing rights for squatters.

Community Impact

David Lao, a local realtor, noted an increase in squatting incidents, causing homeowners to avoid displaying “for sale” signs to prevent their homes from being targeted. Legal experts advise homeowners to take preventive measures, such as hiring house sitters and regularly checking their properties.


The removal of the squatters in New Hyde Park is seen as a victory for homeowners, thanks to the new law facilitating quicker evictions. However, the issue of squatting remains a concern, and homeowners are urged to stay vigilant.

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